Legacy – short film project

This is a Pitch video for making LEGACY. Legacy is about John and Mary’s family, who have dedicated their lives to asserting their freedom and independence as LIL’WAT people.

Their efforts helped establish the first Aboriginally run school in Canada. They take no government funding, even refusing the so called blood-money for the horrors experienced in residential schools.

They grow their own organic vegetables, harvest wild crafting materials in the mountains, and know how to fish & preserve salmon in many ways.

Unfortunately, putting their traditional foods on the table put them in direct conflict with logging companies, and made them both victims and scapegoats of the mismanagement in the salt water fishery.

They have also had to contend with upstream mining waste pollution, and were prevented by surrounding farmers from selling their organic potatoes!

LEGACY is the foundation for a feature documentary, focusing on the complex issues facing Aboriginal peoples from Coast to Coast to Coast today.

About The Author

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